Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Awesome Day!

Registering at Bed Bath & Beyond!

Me and the wonderful had a really great day registering! I received control over the gun of course!
I scanned a good amount of items! I really want a foot spa and cappuccino machine and new pots and pans...the list goes on and on. Babe had a fun time sitting in a massage chair. I zapped that too! My shower invites might go something like this: Dear such n such,
I would love to have the whole entire store of Bed Bath & Beyond... please join forces with your friends to help my dream come true! Thanks -Jess
I am in love with that store! I wish I could live there. I wonder if I paid rent if they would let me? Hmm... I will send an e-mail.

Love -Jess <3>

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