Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Movie Land

You know in Action films where there is a car chase and the speedometer is reading 120mph or so and the good guy always gets out clean. They chase each other through thick traffic and make jumps over pieces of particle board? And in almost every time someone has to drive through a fruit stand. If you have ever watched an episode of cops you know that you would have to be inhuman to drive that awesome and not crash or lose control. Well...that's Movie Land.
In Kill Bill when she gets buried alive and she punches the coffin open and crawls out of her own grave. That's impossible...movie land.
I watched the new Rambo last night and just after a LONG and EXHAUSTING scene of them killing everyone, none of them seemed to have an adrenaline rush at all. I don't know about anyone else but even when something spooks me I can't sit still for at least 2 min...Movie Land.
What about when two people are chasing each other on foot for a good distance but yet they never get winded....Movie Land.
How come when someone is being chased by a murderer and they ALWAYS run upstairs? Do killers only go after people with a staircase in there house? And anyone in there right mind would never run upstairs unless they had a gun that they planned to use....Movie Land.
Speaking of killers, how come they never "double-check"? Always double check! Don't you watch movies!?
There are so many things in Movie Land.


What is YOUR Favorite Movie Land Moment?

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