Saturday, February 13, 2010

Valentines day

Valentines Day

I think it is a little odd that we are able to put a label on anything. People, food, days...etc. We label a day just for love. But for me, since about this time last year every day is "Valentines Day" for me. I really love my fiance. He is the greatest thing in my little world. I wish that it was like that for everyone. But unfortunately it isn't. Valentines Day can be just the opposite of a happy love filled day. It is also a day of grief and loneliness. Some people spend this day alone. As a widow or single. Truth be told no matter what anyone says. No one actually likes being alone on Valentines Day.
I feel so grateful and loved to have my Babe by my side everyday. To be able to hold him as long as I want and need. Love is the root of happiness. If love is missing from your life then you should love more. Be kind to people. There is too much hate & nonsense in this world.
I'm sure that the saying "What comes around goes around" is familiar. But when you hear this saying your mind goes to something bad. What about nice things though? Nice things come around and go around too don't they? Yes, but not nearly as fast as bad things and that is what is sad.
If you are spending this Valentines Day alone or single, keep your head up and show someone that you love them no matter who it may be. And if you have a special someone, love them everyday as if it had the label: "Valentines Day". <3>

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