Thursday, February 18, 2010



I am just starting out in life. I have a lot of years of life left...or so I hope! I am engaged and soon to be married. I want to become a make-up artist and make peoples day and make them feel beautiful. But I have a problem reaching this dream. It may not be fulfilled due to where I live. I have never wanted to pursue something do much before. I think it is my calling. Haha. But really. The town where my Fiance works is not very populated. Sure there is a wal-mart and tons of fast food restaurants but I'm not sure Make-up would just "pop" in that town. It would crush me if I opened up a place and it just BOMBED! I'm not sure. I need to get my High School diploma first. I went to home school at the first of my junior year and I did it for awhile but I hated it! So now I am going to take a test in which I will receive my High school diploma. :) Life is just dumb right now. We are in the process of looking to buy a home and planning our wedding along with me getting through school. Whew! Life seems a bit harsh right now. I will keep praying.
Talk to you later my loves!


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  1. i really want to be an make-up artist too. I love makeup. But i have to movie to another city to do it :/

    thank you fot following my blog <3
    xo Christine